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Please follow THIS LINK to watch an important safety video from Dr. Angela Pernoud regarding the changes we have made in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic!

We want to make you aware of some of the continued changes at the office:

  • While we have always had the highest standards in infection control, we have added additional procedures to ensure the safety of our patients and team. We have socially distanced the front business and reception areas. Commonly touched surfaces are disinfected on a routine schedule. We have placed HEPA filters in all treatment rooms and throughout common areas of the office. We have enhanced barriers and continue to use hospital grade disinfectants. Also, we maybe dressed a little different than you remember! Mainly for the protection of our staff, we will be wearing gowns, special masks and face shields.

  • When you arrive, please use our new curbside check-in by calling 636-561-4540! You will be asked a few travel & health screening questions. When your room is ready, we will call you to enter the building. Remember your face mask!

  • When possible, only the patient being seen may come into the office. If necessary, a parent may come in with a child to fill out consents or other necessary disclosures and we ask you to return to your vehicle. We will call when the procedure is over! Ideally, all other family members should wait in the car or at home. We recognize that is not always possible, so we have converted an area of our office into a private, family reception area. Availability is limited, so we request that you let us know your circumstances in advance to determine if we can offer that area.

  • Upon entry, we have hand sanitizer available. We will take your temperature with a touch-less thermometer, have you sign a COVID-19 release form, and then bring you back directly to your room where you will rinse with a hydrogen peroxide solution to help kill any virus microbes that maybe in your mouth.

  • We do request that if you or a family member have had a fever, or been in contact with a sick person in the last two weeks, please call to reschedule. We will reschedule you in a couple weeks if you remain symptom free and have had no new contact with anyone that is sick. If you test COVID-19 positive, please contact your medical provider or the state health department to see if and when your quarantine will be removed.

One Last thing: Please tell your friends and family members about us! We are always accepting new patients! We appreciate all of the 5 star reviews and kind words over the years. We look forward to serving you, your family and our community for many years to come!

--Drs. Michael and Angela and your team at Hawk Ridge Dental Care


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